söndag 20 oktober 2013

♥ Anything goes at MDUC...

It´s saturdaynight and time for another post for MDUC.
This week we go for an easy one: anything goes!
So just play around as you please and join us for fun!!!

♥ I have made a giftbag for my son this week
 as he turned 18 the other day 

I have used this little man from "Little London".
Such a sweet memory from my trip over there 
a couple of weeks ago!

I love to mix different doohickeys to my cards.

The little green plant is also one of my new favourites!

♥ This text "Especially for you" is an old one but 
still the one I love the most, don´t know how
many times I´ve used it...

18 years ago I gave birth to a beatiful little babyboy.
He had such a hurry arriving into this world 
it amost was a delivery in the car that night...
I just got inside the hospital before he was born...
Time flies and now he is a young man

Have a lovely day!
Love & Light

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Ribbon Girl sa...
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Ribbon Girl sa...

sorry, should have said gift -bag my mistake! Mary x