söndag 29 juni 2014

Add a die at Ribbon Girl!

Hi there!
Today it´s time for a sceduled post from me.
At this particular moment I am probably lying on the beach

with a book in my hand and a drink in the other one, haha!
Anyway at Ribbon Girl we like you to add a die to your card
in our monthly Magnolia Only Challenge.

As I love dies I have added several to this confirmationcard.
This is what I made to inspire you to come and play at Ribbon Girl!

If you haven´t visited The Ribbon Girl yet just

click the image below and you will arrive

safe and happy to this wonderful shop!

From Ribbon Girl I have used these wonderful products:

Cheesecloth, Butterfly and Ballerina Charm, Kort og godt; Rolled Paper Flowers Ivory and Berries, 25 mm White Cheltenham Guipure, Button Twine Dusky Blue, Stardust and Platinum Stickles, Glossy Accent, Prima Resin Angel and Heartpearls

I have used Tilda with Neclase from Special Moments 2013.
I think this os one of my absolute favouriteTildas ever!
I have used her several times and I just can´t get enough of her.

Just look at her, isn´t she gorgeuss!

I will not be able to give away this card myself as I am on holiday right now...
But you know Millan, I will think of you today on your specialday!

Love & LightLillemor

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